What Are the Dangers of an Inversion Table?


Do you know what inversion therapy entails? This is a technique that allows you to be suspended upside down with the aim of stretching the pine and also relieving the back pain. It is mainly used for those people who have poor circulation, chronic lower back pain, sciatica and scoliosis. However there are dangers that are associated with inversion tables and it is important to understand what these dangers are and whether they can be avoided. When the participants lie down on the inversion tables they are turned upside down. The potential dangers and negative effects of the inversion tables are;

Eye and ear pressure

Inversion tables have the ability to cause eye and ear pressure and the reason for this is because there is pressure that is elevated in the eyes as a result of the inversion therapy. The eye and ear pressure is very dangerous especially to those people retinal detachments or glaucoma because it causes increased pressure on the eyes which may lead to bleeding. It is advisable for those people with elevated pressure not to try the inversion therapy because of the side effects that it has. Another effect that this has is that it may also increase pressure in the inner ear and this is also dangerous and can cause aggravate ear-related health problems or even cause discomfort.

Increased bold pressure

What do you think will happen when you are upside down on an inversion table? There are high chances that your heart will slow down and after a few minutes there will be increase in blood pressure. The effect of this is that bold will move very fast through your body and at a greater force. People with high blood pressure or hypertension should not try using the inversion tables as this can turn out to be dangerous to your health. There are several other fitness equipment that you can try out so that you don’t interfere with your health. Click here.

Muscle pulls

Pulling of muscles is something that is very common more so when you are doing exercises and this poses a risk also. Inversion tables can make you to have muscle pulls more so when you hang for more than two minutes or when you overdo the exercises.

Worsened symptoms

Most people believe that inversion tables are the best to use when it comes to reducing pain.  According to experts there are chances that the therapy can worsen this pain. It can worsen the back problems, cause severe headaches and even lead to hypertension. It is important and advisable for you to be very keen when using the inversion tables so that you may not affect your general heath in any way.

Those who are suffering from various diseases such as high blood pressure should seek for guidance from doctors so that they don’t worsen their conditions. Those who are fit will be able to improve their body posture, relief the back pain and also be able to enhance better blood flow. Reading more inversion table reviews will enable you to know how to use them, the benefits and dangers of using them. For more details, visit: https://fitnessequipment.reviews/best-elliptical-machine/