What are best shoes for a spin bike?


Spinning classes are more and more popular. If you want to burn calories, build muscles, keep your joints in good condition, spinning is a perfect idea. Spinning also boosts the individual’s attitude and the endorphin rush you will get when the body gets a good workout.

For indoor cycling, you need versatile shoes. The best shoes are for outdoor and indoor use but specially made for spin class. When speaking about sports shoes, you almost always think at famous brands such as Adidas, Nike or Reebok. If you are looking for other exercise shoes such as Zumba shoes then you’ll find more here but your best spin shoes are not on that list.

You must consider many things, as the cleat, that is very important and is sold separately from the shoe. The spinner feet must behold in a position on the pedal that enables him to get the best workout. The spinner must use efficiently his muscles. The spinner must be safe during his exercises and increase his power at the same time.

When it comes to cleats, there are two basic models. Shimano SPD Cleat has a two-hole system, simple and small. This model fits into all pedals for indoor spinning. The other type is Look Delta Cleats. This model has a three-hole system going with Delta style shoes. The model ensures a great stability.

Spin shoes are individualized items. A serious spinner needs a comfortable fit supporting the foot arch with thick reliable straps. Every foot is unique, you need to adjust your shoes to be safe and support in good conditions a sinning workout.


The company is specialized in changing the way people see cycling shoes. They offer high-quality footwear for outdoor individuals. Sidi is a big brand in this sport. They have tradition, commitment and value to be more than a company. The successful model is SIDI Dominator 7 having many features that make this model one of the beautify spin shoes for this sport.

Leva Caliper

The feet size changes depending on the time you are spinning. You can start as a great fit and become tight at the end of the journey. Leva Caliper allows loosening the shoe with one click at a time depending on the pressure on your feet. During the endurance spinning classes, you need to feel secure and comfortable. The Velcro, with locking polymer teeth, makes the straps unmovable and easy to adjust.

Shimano Commuter

This is one of the leaders in sport’s shoes and cycling new technology. This company manufacture exceptional items, knowing what the outdoor individuals need. Their products are well rated and they continue growing.